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The company VIDONI was established in 1954, as an individual company by the, at those times, thirty year old Giacomo Vidoni, in Forgaria nel Friuli (Ud), Italy.
The company, since its origins, even if still small, developed its activities and focused its efforts in the field of civil and industrial engineering and infrastructures, devoting itself to the realization of hydraulic works, water distribution lines, sewage systems and buildings but also constructing roads, bridges and tunnels. The continuous commitment of the founder, helped in his work by his wife, a constant presence at his side in difficulties and success, allowed the small company to grow and stand out in the local area thanks to quality and technical solutions applied in the executions of works.
In the mid-60’s joined the company the eldest son Giuliano , who has been then joined by his brother Marco. Both, with their commitment, spirit of sacrifice and constant dedication to their work, allowed the Vidoni company to grow further extending its range of action to the national market and then, in mid-2000 also to foreign markets as Balkans and North Africa.
This growth of the company, which reaches today an annual turnover of about 60 million Euro, has been possible thanks to the continuous effort of the firm, over the years, to implement large investments in equipment, machinery and especially human capital. The constant focus on innovation and research made possible the achievement of a really significant technical success in the implementation of works and allowing Vidoni to compete with the best national and international realities.
Quality and environmental certification and the forthcoming certification in matter of health and safety at work, together with the code of ethics adopted, demonstrate the basic principles of the firm. Really human capital has always been considered as the milestone of the company and for this reason Giuliano and Marco Vidoni have always invested in employees with high moral values apart from valuable technical skills.
Today, more than fifty years after its foundation, the attention to human capital, workplace safety, environment and quality, continue ad will continue, after the example of Giuliano and Marco Vidoni, to be the values and pillars on which Vidoni S.p.A. is based.

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