construction of two artificial tunnels for landslide prevention on the national
road called “52 bis” Tolmezzo and Monte Croce Carnico (Ud, Italy)
pass section



Urgent works for landslide prevention and for the construction of two artificial tunnels between km.24+260 and km 25+310 in the so called ‘Laghetti’ area, on the national road 52 Bis. Tolmezzo - Monte Croce Carnico pass section.


(National Authority for the road maintenance in Friuli Venezia Giulia – Triest)


Paluzza Council district (Udine, Italy).


Construction of two artificial tunnels for landslide prevention, lenght 600 m. and 176 m. on small diameter pillars, after consolidation of the mountain slope by injections on the mountain side of concrete expansive materials and construction of a strengthening cross-structure via small diameter pillars. The structure of the tunnels has been produced later with prefabricated parts and binding concrete casting poured on site.