new road section in Socchieve (Ud)
on the national road no.52
named ''Carnica'', Italy



Construction of a new road section on the national road no. 52
from km 24+000 to km 27+000 - Council District of Socchieve (Ud), Italy


(National Authority for the road maintenance in Friuli Venezia Giulia - Trieste)


Socchieve (Udine, Italy)


The work consists in the construction of a new road section 3.6 km long, with 4 main constructions, 2 junctions and minor constructions (bulkheads, reinforced earth embankments halfway up the slope, retaining walls and riveted walls).
Construction no.1 consists of a bridge structure comprising a continuous intrados deck made of precast reinforced concrete beams, precompressed with tight straight threads, and composite slab cast in-situ.
Construction no.2 consists of an arched bridge, whose west abutment falls against a cliff and across two lithotypes. The deck, 132 m long, with a single span, with two vehicle lanes (10.50 m wide) and two footpaths, is supported by tie rods and made of a steel beam lattice, consolidated with dowelling to a reinforced concrete slab and connected laterally to the main beams, which also support the cantilevered footpaths. The slab (27 cm thick) is cast on selfprotecting structural sheet-steel and connected to the upper flanges of the beams with 'Nelson' metal connectors.
Construction no.3 consists of a bridge with three spans, of 30 and 40 m. The deck rests on two side abutments and 2 central piles, each of the latter comprising 2 steel V-shaped trestles positioned lengthways.
Construction no.4 consists of a bridge with 3 spans, of 6.5 and 28 m; the deck rests on 2 side abutments and 2 central piles, the latter comprising reinforced concrete sections.